Our Solutions

Solutions for Every Budget

We know that everyone wants the best value for their money, whatever their budget. We've developed GOOD|BETTER|BEST solutions to fit any budget. 


KDS Essentials offers good, semi-customizable designs for entry level-budgets. The includes a good choice of door styles, colours and finishes.


KDS Elements provides better customizable designs with more selection, upgraded hardware, more diverse colour options, and higher-end finishes.    . 


KDS Edge designs can be totally customized according to your needs. The line includes more than 80+ door styles, 3/4" door thicknesses, custom colours, custom finishes, custom textures, custom panels, and a wide range of inserts. KDS Edge is the ultimate in kitchen or bathroom solutions.  

Our Approach

We design kitchens, bathrooms, built-ins, and life/work solutions using a holistic and integrated approach. In other words, we investigate and identify factors that can impact the space with a unique perspective and style of the end-user i.e. - YOU.

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Our Process

We’ve created a simple 3-step process to make your kitchen or bathroom construction or renovation an enjoyable and rewarding experience. It involves 1) Consultation, 2) Design and Review, and 3) Construction [Build]. Each step is important because...

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Need a second opinion?

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you for a complimentary, no obligation in-home consultation to discuss your needs and provide you with ideas about how to achieve your goals. Contact us at (416) 756-4999 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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